District School Board of Madison County Bullying Prevention

Superintendent, Doug Brown, and school Board members of the District School Board of Madison County are committed to providing a safe and bullying free school district. Our intent is to insure all students, faculty and staff are free to learn, work and grow within our school  system without the fear of being bullied or harassed by fellow students and employees.

In the event, of a a bullying incident, the victim is free to report the incident to a school site administrator, teacher or, if necessary, directly to Superintendent Brown. Additionally, all school district stakeholders access to the district's web-based bullying reporting site "Sprigeo". Victims of bullying can find the Sprigeo direct access link on each school's web site.

Current anti-bullying and harassment policies, reporting guidelines and additional documents located as attached documents to this page. For further information or questions, please contact Sam Stalnaker, Coordinator of Career Technical and Alternative Education at 850-973-5796.

Folder Anti-Harassment Policy 5517 (0 Files)
Folder Bullying & Harassment Policy 5517.01 (0 Files)
Folder Dating Violence Policy 5517.03 (0 Files)
Folder Sexual Violence Policy 5517.02 (0 Files)
Folder Florida Anti Bullying Statute (1 Files)
Download FS 1006.147 Bullying and Harassment.pdf
Folder Code of Student Conduct (1 Files)
Download Code of Student Conduct 2014-2015.pdf
Folder Employee Handbook (1 Files)
Download Employee Handbook 2014.pdf
Folder Reporting Bullying Documents (3 Files)
Download MCSB Bullying Anonymous Reporting Form.pdf
Download MCSB Bullying Incident Rept.pdf
Download MCSB Bullying Witness Stmt Form.pdf
Folder Bullying Incident Investigation Process (1 Files)
Download MCSB investigation-steps-checklist-form.pdf