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Researchers’ surprising findings about STEM jobs in Florida, October, 13, 2015 Tampa Bay Business Journal: Margie Manning

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STEM Jobs in Florida

Most people across the nation believe Florida has taken a drastic change from the being a huge citrus state to be widely known now as the tourist state. What do you think about this interesting fact: :More people are employed in science, technology, engineering and math jobs in Florida than in the tech-intensive states such as Massachusetts, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington”. Unfortunately, the growth in STEM jobs has not been able to keep up with traditional job growth. Career and Technical Education strives to provide career educational opportunities in “high wage, high skill and high demand” jobs suitable for economic growth in and around Florida. “Wages in industries with lots of STEM-degree workers and heavy investment in research and development have grown five times faster that U.S. wages since 1975. STEM companies provide the financial backing necessary to support a growing community while making the community more appealing to other businesses and industry. Currently, Florida ranks fourth with 324,000 Floridians employed in STEM jobs in 2014 only behind the states of California, Texas and New York.


Take a look at what Tampa has to offer in STEM. “There are 64,920 STEM employees, or 5.5 percent of the total workforce, the Bloomberg study found. Computer and system information managers were the highest-paying STEM jobs locally, with median pay of $133,960”.


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