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"You are Too Smart for That"

The article “You are Too Smart for That” can be found in its entirety by clicking on the title. In short, when we are talking with a student and the student tells you he/ she would like to purse a certain career, the student is sometimes told “you are too smart for that” . In essence, we are failing our students. Here are a few facts and fictions associated with that statement and others regarding a college education vs. a technical:

1.       There is an “overabundance of bachelor’s degrees with no purpose or goal”                       FACT

2.       “Large supply of technical jobs with not enough people to fill them”                                   FACT

3.       Technical schools are considered class                                                                           FICTION

4.       College is for the dominant class citizen                                                                         FICTION

5.       Technical schools are for the working class                                                                     FICTION


Oh by the way, how much did you pay the last time your air conditioner quit working or your car would not run properly.