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Vocational High Schools: Career Path or Kiss of Death

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Are there true benefits in career and technical education (vocational instruction). Schools across the nation are preparing their students to be “work ready”. Many students are leaving high school with much more than a diploma; students are being afforded opportunities to earn an industry certification which enhances their ability to obtain a job upon graduation. “Even President Barak Obama has called for more robust job training at both the high school and college levels, saying it is not enough for students to get an education past high school – they must also have the skills needed for in-demand jobs.


In today’s education, college readiness is receiving a huge push; however, everyone is not going to college but, all have to eventually find a job that will support them and their families. “We have done a disservice in this country by suggesting there’s only one path to success, which is get a bachelor’s degree,” says Mark Edwards. Our goal is to provide opportunities for our graduates to be not only college ready (if they so choose that route) but, to also be work ready with the employability skills necessary for the 21st century workforce.


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